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As the television industry is exploring with newer and more interesting concepts, we have yet another unusual concept making it’s way to interest the family TV audience soon. The new serial on Star Plus titled Aarambh will be about the historical immigration of Aryans and the consequent fight. This is one aspect of Indian history that is so often left out of direct discussion as there is not much confirmation regarding the facts. For a long time the concept of Aryan’s arrival to the Indian continent was termed as a theory not reality.

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June 24thArticles1st Epi – Aarambh 24th June 2017 Written Episode Update
June 24thEpisodeFoxjolome: 1 2 3
Desilines: 1 2 3
Desilines: 1 2 3
Desilion: 1 2 3
Desilion: 1 2 3
Desilion: 1 2 3
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December 31st