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Channel V Updates

Mar 27 - Swim Team
Mar 27 - Million Dollar Girl
Mar 27 - Sadda Haq
Mar 26 - Sadda Haq
Mar 25 - Sadda Haq
Mar 24 - Sadda Haq
Mar 23 - Sadda Haq
Mar 22 - Gumrah
Mar 20 - Sadda Haq
Mar 19 - Sadda Haq
Mar 18 - Sadda Haq
Mar 17 - Sadda Haq
Mar 16 - Sadda Haq
Mar 14 - Sadda Haq
Mar 13 - Sadda Haq
Mar 12 - Sadda Haq
Mar 11 - Sadda Haq
Mar 10 - Sadda Haq
Mar 09 - Sadda Haq
Mar 07 - Sadda Haq


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Channel V

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Channel V started after MTV asia was separated from the Star Tv network and has been operating from Malaysia and Hong Kong. Primarily a music channel, Channel V hosts multiple hindi serials as well. Channel V is created a separate channel for many major markets such as India, China, Australia, Korea and more. Although they all follow the same type of programming, each region has some specific shows that make it unique.

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Channel V drama schedule

DramaLatest UpdateMonTueWedThuFriSatSun
Gumrah03/22/15 - Sundayx
Million Dollar Girl03/27/15 - Fridayxxxxxx
Sadda Haq03/27/15 - Fridayxxxxxx
Swim Team03/27/15 - Fridayxxxxxx