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Dhoop Chhaon

Dhoop ChhaonWatch Dhoop Chhaon online for free. Desirecap is your source of hindi dramas. Check out Dhoop Chhaon Serial.

Patience is the most important aspect of a marriage. Adjustment and understanding is what makes any marriage a success. Happiness and problems in a marriage is what 'Dhoop Chhaon' is all about.

The story starts with Shandana and Haider, who have been married to each other for 8 years and are finding it hard to face the problems in their marriage. Shandana gets mad at Haider for not taking care of Sophia, their daughter. Meanwhile, Haider is angry at Shandana for always getting nagging him. Shandana arrives at Murree to her parents' house on a holiday along with Sophia. Durr-e-Shahwar and Mansoor, Shandana's parents, are very loving towards Shandana and Sophia. However, Shandana envies her mother thinking that her mother has always led a comfortable and happy married life with a loving husband. Shandana is a working woman and thinks that her husband does not support her like her father has always supported her mother.To Shandana's surpise, one day Durr-e-Shahwar reveals to her that life for wasn't always as easy as Shandana thinks it is. Durr-e-Shahwar tells her daughter about the trials and tribulations that she faced when she got married and moved to Mansoor's house.

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December 31st