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Jaanbaz Sindbad

Jaanbaz SindbadWatch Jaanbaz Sindbad online for free. Desirecap is your source of hindi dramas. Check out Jaanbaz Sindbad Serial.

The tale of Sindbad the Sailor is one to the few things that made its way down the generations. It is an epic tale of the infamous sailor and also has been much loved. Zee TV, Sagar Pictures and Ashwini Yardi bring you Sindbad on the small screen. Launched on the 27th of December 2015, this show is going to for adults and children like. Kids get to see how there is a world beyond iPad screens and adults get to take a walk down memory lane. Harsh Rajput will bring the role of Sindbad to life. Among other supporting roles will be seen Aishwarya Sharma, Aryan Vaid, Mamik Singh and Tarun Malhotra. In its short life on the screen, it has already set the record of the most expensive show in Indian Television history. Dont forget to catch Jaanbaz Sindbad every Saturday and Sunday at 7pm only on Zee TV. I dont know about you but I will be found glued to the screen!

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Desilines: 1 2 3
Desilines: 1 2 3
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