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Kahi Unkahi

Kahi UnkahiWatch Kahi Unkahi online for free. Desirecap is your source of hindi dramas. Check out Kahi Unkahi Serial.

Kahi Unkahi is a story of the rich, successful, and haughty Kamaal Nizami, who has two sons Ansar and Ashar, who is lovingly called, Sherry. Kamaal doesn't look favorably upon the fact that his son Sherry and his driver's daughter, Zoya are close friends. To keep them apart, Kamaal sends Sherry to London. On Sherry's return from London, the friendship between him and Zoya strengthens. However, Kamaal gets Sherry engaged to Anum, the daughter of his business partner. Will Anum tolerate the friendship between Sherry and Zoya? Or will this friendship bring in disastrous results? Read More

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December 31st