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Life Ok Updates

Oct 02 - Tumhari Pakhi
Oct 02 - Laut Aao Trisha
Oct 02 - Ek Boond Ishq
Oct 02 - Gustakh Dil
Oct 01 - Savdhan India
Oct 01 - Tumhari Pakhi
Oct 01 - Laut Aao Trisha
Oct 01 - Ek Boond Ishq
Oct 01 - Gustakh Dil
Sep 30 - Savdhan India
Sep 30 - Tumhari Pakhi
Sep 30 - Laut Aao Trisha
Sep 30 - Ek Boond Ishq
Sep 30 - Gustakh Dil
Sep 29 - Savdhan India
Sep 29 - Tumhari Pakhi
Sep 29 - Laut Aao Trisha
Sep 29 - Ek Boond Ishq
Sep 29 - Gustakh Dil
Sep 28 - Savdhan India


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Life Ok

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Life Ok is the latest channel line up from the people that brought you the Star lineup. It is the replacement channel of Star One and it looks to bring unique kind stories to viewers daily. The channel has story based dramas as well as some reality shows. It is a continuing channel after Star One brought all it's dramas to an end. The style of dramas on Life Ok are similar to those of Star One.

Off-air Life Ok dramas.

Life Ok drama schedule

DramaLatest UpdateMonTueWedThuFriSatSun
Bhatak Lena Baware09/04/14 - Thursdayxxxxx
Dare 2 Dance09/28/14 - Sundayxx
Do Dil Ek Jaan01/24/14 - Fridayxxxxx
Ek Boond Ishq10/02/14 - Thursdayxxxxx
Gustakh Dil10/02/14 - Thursdayxxxxx
Hatim08/31/14 - Sundayxx
Hum Ne Li Hai Shapath09/28/14 - Sundayxx
Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai05/23/14 - Fridayxxxxx
Laut Aao Trisha10/02/14 - Thursdayxxxxx
Nadaan Parinde09/26/14 - Fridayxxxxx
Ringa Ringa Roses01/19/14 - Sundayxx
Savdhan India10/01/14 - Wednesdayxxxxxxx
Tumhari Pakhi10/02/14 - Thursdayxxxxx
Welcome05/23/14 - Fridayxxxxx