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Adapted from Umera Ahmed's Urdu novel, this is a family drama that revolves around the lives of sisters Aiman and Saman, with personalities as poles apart as they can be. Aiman, the older of the two, is a pillar of compassion. The younger sister Saman's unscrupulous ambition is an antithesis to Aiman's large-hearted kindness. Their disconnected lives intersect when their cousin Faisal, engaged to marry Aiman, falls for Saman - hook, line and sinker; creating fertile ground for conflict. Little does he know that he's merely a pawn in Saman's self-interested scheme.

Matters take a dramatic turn when Saman takes away the most important thing in Aiman's life her LOVE. Will Aiman's compassion overcome Saman's ambition? Read More

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December 31st