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Shabaash India

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The first season of Shabaash India had a large part of the TV viewing audience in complete awe. A tweaked version of popular reality shows in the west, Shabaash India is back for its second season and Zee TV has already started the auditions for the same.

The auditions for Shabaash India Season 2 would be held from 22nd June to 7th August 2012 and the show would thereafter go into the various rounds of elimination and selection. The scope of Shabaash India is huge in comparison with other popular reality shows in India. Shabaash India offers everyone the platform to showcase their talent. It is not just any dancing, singing or any laughter gigs. Anyone who has some sort of a unique talent can sign up and if he or she does have promise to become a super Indian with an unique talent, there is a big chance of making it to the finals. At the end of the season there would only be one winner but Shabaash India draw talents in hundreds and thousands from across the country. Whether you are a tattoo artist who can tattoo 10 people at a time or a stuntman who can ride three bikes simultaneously, Shabaash India is the platform for all and sundry to showcase their unique abilities and also hard work.

The official dates of the season being aired have not been disclosed by Zee TV since the auditions are just underway but we are equally thrilled with the second season as we were with the first. (Source: TV Info)

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